Is Your Data Vulnerable?

Data is the lifeblood of almost every business these days. Your data can take many forms. It could be medical records, financial records, legal records, customer lists, prodcut plans, employee information, inventory lists, the possibilities these days are endless.

What would happen to your business if you lost this data? Could your business survive? What would happen if the data your business holds was made public? What would your businesses liability be? Would you lose customers? Would you have to install new computers and servers? Would you be able to stay in business?

Prime-Tek can help you discover your vulnerabilities before the bad guys do so they can be fixed instead of exploited. We specialize in vulnerability testing the most common ways that hackers attack companies including:

Phishing/Email malware: Not only can we educate your employees on not becoming a victim to phishing, but we also test your employees every month. This way you can know if the message is getting through and making a difference.

Firewall Scanning: A misconfiguration on your firewall can leave you vulnerable to hackers. The vast majority of firewalls are installed, but never tested. If you haven't tested your firewall letely you might not know what is coming through it.

Wifi Testing: Did you know that over 20% of the wifi networks we test can be easily logged in to without knowing the password in advance? Whether it is a weak password or a router misconfiguration, don't let the wrong people on to your network.

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Phishing / Malware

What is the single biggest factor leading to data loss in busiesses? It is human error.

Think about it. Your employees need access to your data to conduct business and do their jobs. The same access your employees have can be given to hackers by simply clicking on a link in an email message. This means the hackers could download, sell, delete, or encrypt your data. All of these things could ruin your business.

Many businesses think they are protected by anti-virus software or mail filters, but hackers know about these tools. Advanced hackers will test against anti-virus and mail filters to make sure their message reaches the intended victims - You!

Prime-Tek will provide you with educational materials for your employees, but unlike most training programs we don't stop there. We will deliver messages regularly, and then let you know how many and which employees open or click on links in the messages. Armed with this information, you can provide additional training and reinforcement where you need it.

Firewall Scanning

We will scan any IP addresses that you own. It could include the connection your office uses, your web server, other servers that are accessible from the internet. You might have servers that you only want accessible to business partners or via VPNs, but a slight misconfiguration might make them visible to the entire internet. We can scan them to confirm what is open and what is not.

Our standard scanning is performed weekly. Why would we scan weekly? The answer is that things can change quickly. A new device might be brought in to your office, and a mis-configured firewall might allow that device to open a port to the internet. This could become a major security threat. Because devices and firewall settings can change quickly and frequently, we need to scan all the time. What was safe last week might be vulnerable this week.

We even take our scanning a step further. We not only scan from the US, but we have scanners located around the world. Why is this important? Some business and service providers treat traffic differently that comes from different sources. You might want your website only visible to people in the US and not allow potential bad guys based in other countries to see it. Your firewall might have settings to control traffic from other countries, but without testing from other countries you won’t know whether your settings are working correctly or not.

Don’t simply trust your firewall or router settings, test them frequently.

multi-faceted protection

Strategies to ensure data security

Phishing Prevention

Don't let your employees accidentally expose your data

Firewall Scanning

Make sure your firwall is properly installed and configured

Server Testing

Test your serversi to see if they are up to date and protected

Wifi Testing

Is your network really secure?

Internal Scanning

Are there vulnerable devices inside your network? Find out and fix them


Do you have unique needs? Let our team of certified security professionals help

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Our customers everywhere trust our fully accredited and tailored guard solutions

Internal Scanning

Do you know what devices are on your network? Most companies don’t.

We offer internal scanning to help you know what is on your network and what vulnerabilities exist. You might have old and un-patched systems still running on your network, or a new device might be installed that is mis-configured and has vulnerabilities right out of the box.

With the reports available from internal scans, you can decide which devices need to be patched, which devices are too old and need to be replaced, or which devices you don’t even know about and need to be removed.

With the reports available from internal scans, you can decide which devices need to be patched, which devices are too old and need to be replaced, or which devices you don’t even know about and need to be removed.

WebSites Hacked Daily
of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses
of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error
of employers report a shortage of cybersecuirty skills

Wifi Scanning

Wifi is one of the greatest tech inventions ever. It has allowed us to be much more mobile, and not always chained to a desk. The vast majority of businesses these days are using wifi, whether it is a car repair shop, doctors office, or advertising agency.

While wifi is great, it also blurs the lines on your network. What used to be available only inside your office could now be available from your parking lot, the business next door, or with stronger antennas it might be available down the street.

We offer various forms of wifi scanning to include:

  • Scanning for open networks - A network could be mis-configured to allow anyone to join - even without a password.
  • Scanning for ‘rogue’ networks - Anyone could bring in an access point and plug it in to your ethernet network, and all of a sudden everything is available to the outside.
  • Checking for weak or bad passwords - By capturing wireless traffic on your network, anyone could analyze it on a system that can test hundreds of thousands of passwords per second. We test over 40 billion passwords, and let you know if we find weaknesses.

Is Your Server or Network Vulnerable?

Find out and fix it before it is too late.

About Us

We have been in the computer security business for over 20 years, serving industries including financial, government, retail, medical, marketing and more.

Our security analysts have earned many certifications including:

  • GIAC Certified Perimeter Protection Analyst (GPPA)
  • GIAC Assessing and Auditing Wireless Networks (GAWN)
  • GIAC Certified UNIX Security Administrator (GCUX)
  • GIAC Web Application Penetration Tester (GWAPT)
  • GIAC Penetration Tester (GPEN)
  • Checkpoint Certified Security Analyst (CCSA)
  • Checkpoint Certified Security Engineer (CCSE)
  • Security +
  • Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Certified Network Defense Architect

We not only have these certifications, but we are constantly keeping up on what is new.

Why use Prime-Tek?

Most small businesses will have a “Tech Person” or company that they hire to set up and maintain their computers, printers, networks, firewalls, etc. These people are usually great at what they do, but most of them don’t have security specific training. This training can be expensive and time consuming, and most small businesses aren’t able to afford it. Even medium size businesses learn that properly trained computer security employees don’t stick around very long because larger companies can afford to pay them more.

In addtion, Prime-Tek has built up an infrastructure with scanners located around the world. We can test for vulnerabilities in multiple scenarios from multiple countries.

That is where Prime-Tek comes in. You can have a properly trained and certified computer security expert, with an extensive infrastructure in place.

The Internet is a Dangerous Place

Why You Need to be Prepared

According to a recent study, the average computer on the internet is attacked 2,244 times every day. That is once every 39 seconds.

Prime-Tek has set up "HoneyPots" that allow us to watch attacks in real time every day. We are constantly watching to see what they bad guys are doing, and using this information to help keep our clients safe.




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Our customers everywhere trust our fully accredited and tailored guard solutions