Prime-Tek: MediaFORM DVD-R/CD-R Duplicator Repair and Support Specialists. Maintenance, Repair and Sales.
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Prime-Tek has technicians with extensive training and experience selling, using and repairing CD / DVD duplicators and printers since 1996.

Nobody knows MediaFORM DVD Duplicator and CD-R Duplicator equipment better than Prime-Tek.

We were founded by the same technicians that repaired DVD Duplicator and CD-R Duplicator equipment in MediaFORM's headquarter's lab. You can turn to us for all your DVD Duplicator and CD-R Duplicator technical and sales needs. Our repair services cover the full spectrum of MF Digital, Rimage Thermal Printers, Mediatechnics, and MediaFORM equipment: DVD Duplicator, CD-R Duplicator, Rimage printers.

Prime-Tek also offers: CD-R sales, ribbons & cartridges, refurbished systems and more. Call today for pricing and information: 610-524-8411 .

-Thank you for considering the Prime-Tek team!


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